TO APPRECIATE the Pagani Huayra Roadster I ask that you use your imagination like a zoom lens. At the moment we are standing off aways, where we can better appreciate the design’s molecular bonding of carnal and sublime.

On one hand the Roadster-the latest from maestro Horacio Pagani, of Modena, Italy-is beyond bad-ass: low, wide and louche, whispering a filthy argot spoken only in the brothels of extreme speed.The $2.4-million Roadster harbors a 6.0-liter, 754-hp biturbo V12 engine and weighs practically nothing, an astonishing 2,822 pounds dry weight. Aviation-style ailerons help it stay on the ground. It’s fast enough for you, partner.On the other hand, the Roadster is thoroughly beautiful: immaculate in line, elegant in form, with a kind of museum-caliber probity that defies its status as billionaire killer. It is a weapon pricked with jeweled fire, a tsarist axe.

This ethereal property, shared with all Pagani designs, has led some to talk about the cars as works of art, which they are not, by theory; but they are damn close."The word art is derived from the word ‘arto,’ which in Italian means hand," said Señor Pagani, when I interviewed him in Monterey in August. "Therefore it is the expression of hands. It’s an expression that can be in many disciplines, not only when you make a painting or a sculpture."

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