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Are you interested about this Ford GT "Le MANSORY"?


For sale: 2018 Ford GT "Le MANSORY"


Interest about this Ford GT "Le MANSORY"?



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Price: AED 5,999,000



Description of the car:


To commemorate MANSORY's 30th anniversary in 2020, emerges the extraordinary "Le MANSORY" edition, restricted to a mere 3 units worldwide, in keeping with the tradition of "One car per decade." This exclusive creation embodies MANSORY's comprehensive vehicle transformations, encapsulating three decades of automotive excellence.


Crafted as a tribute to the iconic Ford GT40 and its legendary victory at Le Mans in 1966, the "Le MANSORY" encapsulates the essence of motorsport prowess. Its captivating presence is immediately evident, with its extended 5 cm full carbon body undergoing a comprehensive aerodynamic overhaul that resonates with racing enthusiasts.


The core of the "Le MANSORY" undergoes an extraordinary transformation. The standard V6 twin-turbo engine’s 483 KW (656 hp) output is elevated to an impressive 710 hp through meticulous engine management enhancements. This power, combined with refined aerodynamics, propels the "Le MANSORY" to an outstanding top speed of 354 km/h, effortlessly surpassing the standard 347 km/h.


The elegant forged rims, measuring 9x21" at the front and 12x21" at the rear, ensconced in high-performance "Continental Sport Contact 6" tires, perfectly complement the harmonious and sophisticated appearance while efficiently harnessing the increased power.


A particularly noteworthy feature of the "Le MANSORY" lies in its distinctive and exclusive LED main headlights. These newly crafted headlights, organized in four units, bestow the car with an independent visual identity. Drawing inspiration from the standard Ford GT while infusing it with unique charisma, these headlights impeccably capture the spirit of the "Le MANSORY."


The interior is a testament to MANSORY's artistry, transforming the cabin into a realm of luxury. The dominant "Bleurion Race" blue tone merges seamlessly with dark grey visible carbon fiber, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. White-blue Alcantara graces the dashboard and sports seats, while exquisite carbon applications adorn the interior, harmonizing each element effortlessly.


The "Le MANSORY" stands as an exclusive masterpiece, limited to a unique trio globally, a true testament to MANSORY's legacy of crafting unparalleled automotive expressions.






+971 4 320 1030



  • Year : 2018
  • Mileage : 0 km
  • Gearbox : automatic
  • Car type : Coupe
  • Condition : New
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