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1988 Ferrari F40

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For sale: 1988 Ferrari F40


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Description of the car:


This particular Ferrari F40, an icon in the automotive world, boasts an impressively well-documented and researched history and is in exceptional condition, with flawless wheels and paintwork that gleam. In addition to its red Classiche certification book, the car comes with an extensive collection of memorabilia, including several issues of Top Gear magazine, where this very car and the other Ferrari supercars that make up 'The Bloodline Collection' were featured multiple times.


Originally delivered to France in January 1989, this F40 found its first owner in Mr. Jean-Pierre Martel, who was the attorney representing Ferrari in France. The acquisition took place through Charles Pozzi SA, with the order being placed nearly a year prior. Of particular note is the early production date, which began on June 2, 1988, making this car one of the first F40s ever built.


This specific F40 is believed to be the 25th production model, a significant detail as it places it within the select group of F40s that were produced while Enzo Ferrari was still alive. This distinction designates it as a desirable 'non-cat, non-adjust' variant, characterized by its pure and unadulterated character. Several features, consistent with an early 'non-cat, non-adjust' car, support this, such as the exposed aluminum intercoolers and the distinct construction and finish of carbon Kevlar components, including the front clam's unique surface underneath which draws attention to the way the NACA ducts are attached. Additionally, the front brake cooling ducts and their flanges have a different configuration compared to later models.


The F40 remained in the hands of its original owner until 2001, during which it received regular maintenance from Charles Pozzi SA in Levallois, Paris, and covered just under 20,000 kilometers. In 2001, the car was acquired by Dr. Karim Said, a meticulous collector who added another 10,000 kilometers to the car's odometer until 2021. Notably, this included tours to the south of France, showcasing the F40's usability and driving pleasure on longer journeys.


The car's second owner meticulously documented and maintained it, creating the most detailed history file for any F40. It underwent regular conservational maintenance at Maranello Egham several times a year and was stored alongside other notable Ferraris, including the 288 GTO, F50, Enzo, and 599 GTO.


Part of 'The Bloodline' collection, this F40 was featured in a rare opportunity in the May 2014 edition of Top Gear Magazine, alongside the 288 GTO, F50, and Enzo, as part of the 'Bloodline' to LaFerrari. It also appeared in Top Gear: Portfolio 2014 magazine, Top Gear: Supercars 2014 magazine, and in the Top Gear video titled 'The LaFerrari Bloodline.'


The exceptional care for this car continued with extensive work, including a £16,000 service with replacement fuel cells in 2016 and the installation of a Scuderia Systems Seca sports exhaust in 2018, both performed by Maranello Egham. Cosmetic improvements amounting to over £15,000 were carried out by DK Engineering in 2015 and again in 2021, including paint correction and refinishing. In 2021, the car was passed on to its third and current owner, who has maintained its low mileage.


The car's meticulous care is evident in the documentation, with not only the original service book but also a second service book included since the original one is filled to the brim with stamps. Furthermore, three extensive volumes of service invoices accompany the car. It also possesses Ferrari Classiche certification, confirming the matching chassis, engine, gearbox, and body. The car comes with its original leather book pouch and manuals, both original and spare sets of keys, an original car cover and bag, as well as various memorabilia, including a 1987 press pack and sales brochure. The car will receive a major service, including cambelts, as part of the sale.


Currently, the car has covered just 29,200 kilometers from new and is on display in our showrooms just outside of London, available for viewing by appointment.





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  • Year : 1988
  • Mileage : 29200 km
  • Gearbox : manual
  • Condition : used
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DK Engineering
  • Little Green Street Farm, Green Street
  • Chorleywood
  • Hertfordshire
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