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Koenigsegg CCR

$ 2,458,365
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For sale: 2005 Koenigsegg CCR


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Price: £ 1,950,000



Description of the car:


The Koenigsegg CCR: A Masterpiece of Speed and Craftsmanship


Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2004, the Koenigsegg CCR stood as the pinnacle of power within the esteemed Koenigsegg CC range during its time. Featuring the distinctive dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors, reminiscent of the CC8S, the CCR boasted several enhancements, solidifying its status as a true performance icon.


Distinguished by a larger front splitter, optimized for increased downforce, and a revamped headlight arrangement, the CCR came standard with a prominent rear wing. Its performance was elevated with new, larger tires and wheels coupled with an upgraded braking system. The suspension received enhancements, and under the hood, a more potent engine, equipped with twin Rotrex Superchargers, roared to life. This powerhouse produced an impressive 601 kW (806 hp; 817 PS) at 6900 rpm and 920 Nm (679 lbfft) of torque at 5700 rpm.


Adorned in a Bespoke Koenigsegg Racing Green finish, a hue synonymous with Jesko Koenigsegg, this CCR is the only Koenigsegg ever crafted in this exclusive color. Registered in 2005, it has covered a mere 7,800 miles and operates with a manual transmission.


Noteworthy Features:


Koenigsegg Racing Green Exterior

Black Hide and Alcantara Interior with Green Stitching

Lap Timer

Bespoke Split Rear Wing Unique to this Car

Bespoke Painted Wheels

Bespoke Lower Fairings in Black

This particular CCR is one of only 14 examples worldwide, with an even rarer distinction of being right-hand drive (RHD). Its unique color scheme sets it apart, and its significance in automotive history is unparalleled. In February 2005, the Koenigsegg CCR claimed the Guinness Record for the world's fastest production car, reaching an astonishing top speed of 388 km/h, surpassing the McLaren F1's eight-year record. The CCR's legacy extends to various racetracks, including the Nurburgring, where it left an indelible mark by setting an impressive record.






London Road, Sunningdale

Berkshire, SL5 0DQ

+44 (0)1344 620072

+44 (0)7541 888310



  • Year : 2005
  • Mileage : 7800 miles
  • Color : Jesko Racing Green
  • Car type : Coupe
  • Condition : used
Marketed by
  • London Road, Sunningdale Berkshire, SL5 0DQ

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