Terms of uses

General rules of broadcasting

Terms of Service

Good practices

Here are some things to remember when posting an ad:

• the text of the advertisement must imperatively be written in English.
• the text of the advertisement must describe the product / good / service of the advertisement.
• the text of the same advertisement must not propose several goods.
• the ad must be placed in a category corresponding to the subject of the ad.
• you can not have the same ad several times on the site.
• you must indicate the total price and all taxes included of the property in the «price» field.

General prohibitions

Any ad containing text elements (words, phrases, sentences ... etc.) that seem contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, morality, the rules of broadcasting of our site or likely to disturb or shock readers will be refused by Luxury Pulse. This refusal does not open any right to indemnity for the benefit of the advertiser.


is forbidden to deposit an advertisement :

• with terms or descriptions unrelated to the proposed product.
• with misuse of keywords.
• mentioning directly or indirectly a link to a website other than ours or that of the advertiser.
• with an overtaxed telephone number.
• political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist etc..

Unauthorized products

As a user of www.luxurypulse.com, you must make sure that the property you are looking to sell or buy is an authorized product on the website and that its sale is legal.

We invite you to read the prohibited products / goods on our site :
• counterfeit goods or reproduced without permission of the rights holders
• tobacco, drugs and related objects, dangerous and illicit substances
• cosmetic, drug and parapharmacy
• white weapons of combat or self-defense, firearms, explosives, hunting traps
• adult content
• plant and animal species protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment
• returnable items
• slimming products, dietary supplements or presented as miraculous
(This list is not exhaustive)

Protection of intellectual property rights

Only ad serving offering the sale of original products is allowed. We remind you that the sale of copy or reproduction of any kind is likely to constitute an act of counterfeiting, punishable (in some countries) imprisonment and very heavy fines. You must be the legal owner of the content or be authorized to sell it by the owner, his authorized agent or the law.

Unauthorized photographs

The inserted photographs must represent the property for sale and can not be used to illustrate more than one advertisement.
It is forbidden to insert pictures with:
• recognizable minor children
• link to a website other than ours or that of the advertiser
• representations unrelated to the proposed offer.

Particular rules of diffusion for cars

General rules

A vehicle can only be sold with its registration certificate.

Mandatory information

• the vehicle brand
• the type of vehicle (sedan, etc.)
• the model
• the variant of this model (if necessary)

The variant is a single name which must make it possible to identify vehicles of the same model of the make, with uniform technical characteristics of engine, transmission and bodywork, as well as substantial safety, comfort and safety equipment. The information must therefore make it possible to identify the vehicle very precisely without any confusion being possible for the prospective buyer.

For new vehicles

You must obligatorily mention the following information :
• fuel consumption
• carbon dioxide emissions
• indicate «first hand»

For second-hand vehicles

You must obligatorily mention the following information :
• the month and year of the first entry into circulation
• an indication of the total mileage traveled since this entry into circulation
• if you can not guarantee an indication of the total mileage traveled, you must indicate the

mileage on the meter followed by the word «unsecured» Please indicate the total price including all taxes of the vehicle in the «price» field.

Particular rules of diffusion for real estate

General rules

The price indicated in the «price» field must correspond to the overall price (including taxes) of the property offered for sale.

Pour la france uniquement

Le dpe (diagnostic de performance énergétique) est obligatoire pour toute transaction immobilière. il doit être communiqué au futur acquéreur.
Tous les publics (particuliers, agences immobilières, professionnels de l’immobilier, propriétaires bailleurs et professionnels habilités à exercer à titre complémentaire des activités d’entremise et de gestion immobilière) sont concernés par cette mesure.
Toute annonce relative à la mise en vente ou à la location d’un bien immobilier, qu’il soit à usage principal d’habitation ou à usage principal autre que d’habitation, doit faire mention de la lettre correspondant à l’échelle de référence du classement énergétique et des émissions de gaz à effet de serre attribuée dans le diagnostic de performance énergétique, réalisé par un technicien certifié.

Cas particuliers :
Indiquer « dpe non requis » pour tout bâtiment :
• exempté de dpe
• dont l’absence de relevés de consommation est justifiée
À compter du 24 mars 2014, les annonces relatives à la mise en vente de lots de copropriété devront

mentionner les informations suivantes :
• le nombre de lots
• le fait que le statut de copropriété s’applique au bien vendu
• le montant moyen annuel de la quote-part des charges générales actuellement à la charge du vendeur
• si tel est le cas, le fait que la copropriété est en difficulté ou qu’une procédure est en cours

Mentions obligatoires pour les annonces d’agences immobilières :
• mentionner un lien (url) permettant d’accéder à la grille tarifaire de l’agence pour les annonces déposées depuis le 1er avril 2017
• si la rémunération de l’intermédiaire est comprise dans le prix affiché, porter la mention «frais d’agence inclus»
• lorsque les honoraires (inclus et exclus) sont à la charge de l’acquéreur, mentionner sa valeur en pourcentage du prix de vente.
• mentionner à qui (vendeur ou acquéreur) incombe le paiement des honoraires du professionnel

Mentions obligatoires pour les annonces de notaires :
Les « honoraires de négociation » réglementés comme suit :
• tranche de 0 à 45 735 € : 5,00% hors taxes (tva 20% en sus)
• au-dessus de 45 735 € : 2,50% (tva 20% en sus)

Particular rules of diffusion for watches and jewelry

Ads to deposit in this category
• watches
• jewelry
• gold bullion, silver bullion...

Ads prohibited on the site
• gems in the rough
• gold powder
• certain products or objects derived from endangered and / or protected wildlife are banned
for sale, such as ivory due to increased elephant poaching.