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Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S

$ 1,181,988
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Are You Interested about This Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S ?

For sale: Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S


Are you ready to elevate your driving experience to unprecedented heights? Look no further than the extraordinary Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S, a masterpiece of automotive engineering and design. Priced at €1,309,000.00 Gross (€1,100,000.00 Net for Export), this limited edition supercar is a true collector's dream.

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Exquisite Design: A Symphony of Tempest Grey-Blue and White 

Draped in a mesmerizing Tempest Grey-Blue with a striking White Stripe, the Ferrari 812 GTS commands attention from every angle. The NOVITEC Blue Amon/Snow White upholstery complements the exterior, creating a visual symphony that is both elegant and aggressive.


Performance Beyond Limits: A Closer Look at the Powerhouse 

Under the hood, the Ferrari 812 GTS boasts a formidable 6,496 cm³, 799 PS, and 588 kW power, delivering an unparalleled driving experience. The Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard ensures that the performance is not compromised by environmental concerns. With a top speed of 345 km/h and a mind-blowing 2.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h, this supercar is a force to be reckoned with.


Exclusive Features: A Sneak Peek into Luxury and Innovation 

The NOVITEC N-LARGO S conversion, limited to just three units, transforms this Ferrari into a work of art. The package includes a stunning carbon fiber exterior, ranging from front and rear bumpers to side skirts, ensuring a wider, more aerodynamic profile. The NF10 ZV Hightech Vossen Wheels complete the look, providing both style and performance.


Inside, the customization continues with fine-leather trim, perforations, and a unique design in Royal Blue with White inserts. The dashboard, middle console, and steering wheel all receive special attention, creating an interior that reflects the owner's individuality.


Technical Marvels: Enhancing Performance and Comfort

The NOVITEC engineers have not only focused on aesthetics but have also enhanced the Ferrari 812 GTS's performance. The sports suspension, coupled with a front-lift system, ensures optimal driving dynamics. The upgraded 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder engine, with modified electronics, delivers an additional 40 horsepower, taking the power to an impressive 840 hp.


The NOVITEC high-performance quad exhaust system, available in stainless steel or INCONEL, not only contributes to the power increase but also produces a symphony of V12 exhaust notes that perfectly match the car's stunning looks.


Own a Masterpiece: Limited Edition, Unrivaled Performance

This Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S is not just a car; it's a limited edition masterpiece, with only 18 units available worldwide. If you crave exclusivity, unparalleled performance, and a driving experience like no other, don't miss the opportunity to own this automotive gem. Contact us now to make this breathtaking supercar a prized possession in your collection.



Feel free to contact any of our staff members with questions, or business inquiries.

Our staff members are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and serve your needs. 


 Interest about this Luxury cars Ferrari 812 GTS by NOVITEC N-LARGO S ?

Feel free to contact any of our staff members with questions, or business inquiries.

Our staff members are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and serve your needs.



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  • Year : 2023
  • Internal reference : 24G0381
  • Mileage : 270 km
  • Gearbox : manual
  • Condition : new
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  • Allemagne

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