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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

$ 4,899,995
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2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport for sale

Price about this 2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: $4,899,995

Overview about this 2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

The 2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport represents the pinnacle of hypercar engineering and performance. Its connection to the record-breaking exploits of Andy Wallace adds another layer of prestige to an already illustrious lineage. In 2019, Andy Wallace piloted a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport to set a speed record, breaking the 300 mph barrier. This achievement solidified Bugatti's position at the forefront of automotive performance and showcased the Super Sport's exceptional engineering. Beyond its record-breaking speed, the Chiron Super Sport maintains the opulence and craftsmanship associated with the Bugatti brand. The exterior is a testament to aerodynamic precision, and the interior is a harmonious blend of luxurious materials and advanced technology. The limited production ensures exclusivity, making each Chiron Super Sport a coveted masterpiece for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Technical Specifications

Engines and Performance

Under the hood, the 2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport houses an 8.0-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers. This powerhouse produces an astonishing 1,577 horsepower, allowing the Chiron Super Sport to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.4 seconds and reach a top speed of over 300 mph.


The Chiron Super Sport features a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, providing seamless gear changes and maximum performance efficiency. This advanced transmission ensures that power is delivered smoothly and efficiently to all four wheels.

Chassis and Suspension

The chassis and suspension systems are designed with advanced materials, including carbon fiber, to enhance strength and reduce weight. The result is superior handling and stability, even at high speeds. The aerodynamic design, coupled with the sophisticated suspension, ensures optimal performance and driving comfort.

Design and Interior


The 2023 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport boasts an aerodynamic design optimized for high-speed stability. Key exterior features include:

  • Sleek, aerodynamic body lines

  • Signature horseshoe grille

  • Advanced lighting systems with LED technology

  • Customizable exterior finishes


Inside, the Chiron Super Sport combines luxury with cutting-edge technology. Key interior features include:

  • High-quality leather upholstery

  • State-of-the-art infotainment system

  • Customizable interior trims

  • Advanced driver assistance features

  • Exquisite craftsmanship with attention to detail

Impact and Legacy

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport continues Bugatti's tradition of producing some of the most exclusive and high-performing cars in the world. Its limited production run ensures its status as a collector's item, making it a significant addition to Bugatti's illustrious history. The Chiron Super Sport's achievements in speed and engineering contribute to Bugatti's enduring legacy of excellence in automotive design and performance.

Additional Information about this Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

  • Color Exterior: Customizable

  • Color Interior: Customizable

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

  • Availability: Immediate


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Contact Information

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  • ADDRESS: 5760, Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Mount-Royal, QC H4T 1B1

  • General: (866) 576-7256

  • Toll-Free: (866) 576-7256


  • Year : 2023
  • Mileage : 391 km
  • Gearbox : automatic
  • Fuel type : Petrol
  • Car type : Coupe
  • VIN : VF9SW3V35PM795072
  • Condition : used
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Automobiles Etcetera
  • Cocos [Keeling] Islands

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