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Koenigsegg Gemera

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Are You Interested about This Koenigsegg Gemera ?


For sale : Koenigsegg Gemera

Limited Production - 300 Vehicles Worldwide

Available in Left or Right Hand Drive 


Midmounted 2.0L 3 Cylinder Twin Turbo Engine with Freevalve Technology to front wheels


3 Electric Motors - One for each rear wheel  and one on the crankshaft for the front wheels


1,700 bhp Total Output


1,000km Range


4 Seat 2 Door Coupe


All Wheel Drive


Carbon Fibre Monocoque


 The Pinnacle of Automotive Ingenuity: the Koenigsegg Gemera


LuxuryPulse is thrilled to present an automotive marvel that transcends boundaries, the Koenigsegg Gemera. With limited production of only 300 vehicles worldwide, this four-seat plug-in hybrid grand tourer represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence and luxury craftsmanship. Available in both left and right-hand drive configurations, the Gemera offers unparalleled exclusivity and performance.


At the heart of the Gemera lies a midmounted 2.0-liter 3-cylinder twin-turbo engine equipped with Freevalve technology, which powers the front wheels. This compact engine, affectionately known as the Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG), weighs a mere 70 kg (150 lb) and is the first camless piston engine announced for a production car. With two turbos and an impressive 590 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, this powertrain offers exhilarating performance. But the innovation doesn't stop there. Three electric motors work in harmony to enhance the Gemera's capabilities. Each rear wheel is powered by its own electric motor, generating 500 bhp and 1000 Nm of torque, while an additional electric motor on the crankshaft provides 400 bhp and 500 Nm of torque to the front wheels. Together, this revolutionary powertrain delivers an awe-inspiring combined peak output of 1,700 bhp and 3,500 Nm of torque, making the Gemera one of the most powerful grand tourers ever created. Furthermore, the Gemera offers flexibility in fuel choice, as it can run on any major fuel from E100 to standard gasoline.


In addition to its exceptional performance, the Gemera boasts an impressive electric range. With a 54 MJ (15 kWh) battery pack, the Gemera can travel up to 50 km (31 mi) on electric power alone. In hybrid mode, the range extends to an astonishing 1,000 km (621 mi), ensuring long-distance journeys are met with confidence and convenience.


As the world's first four-seater hypercar and Koenigsegg's first-ever four-seater model, the Gemera combines performance and practicality like never before. The carbon fiber monocoque chassis, adorned with aluminum sub-structures, ensures a lightweight yet robust structure. The Gemera features all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, and torque vectoring, providing exceptional handling and agility. Electronically adjustable ride height and a titanium exhaust system by Akrapovič further enhance the driving experience.


One of the Gemera's standout design features is the absence of a B-pillar, creating a seamless and spacious cabin. The two large dihedral doors elegantly swing forward, offering effortless access to the luxurious leather upholstered four-seater cabin. Inside, comfort and convenience abound, with four heated and four cooled cup holders, driver assistance systems, and a host of advanced technologies. Four touchscreens, including two 13-inch central touchscreens and additional screens for side and rear view cameras, provide intuitive control and connectivity. The Gemera boasts an infotainment system for both front and rear passengers, wireless phone chargers, Apple CarPlay, a Wi-Fi connection, a three-zone climate system, electrically adjustable seats, and a premium audio system with 11 speakers. With meticulous attention to detail, the Gemera provides an unparalleled driving experience for all occupants.


Koenigsegg's commitment to excellence extends beyond the Gemera itself. In 2022, the company announced plans to construct a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to Gemera production. This high-tech facility will feature a production and assembly line, a customer lounge, offices, event spaces, and additional warehousing and pre-production areas. With a totalarea exceeding 30,000 square meters, the new Koenigsegg factory signifies the brand's dedication to innovation and craftsmanship.


When it comes to performance, the Gemera delivers jaw-dropping capabilities. With a claimed top speed of 400 km/h (249 mph) and an astonishing 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration in just 1.9 seconds, the Gemera sets new benchmarks for speed and exhilaration. In electric mode, it can achieve a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), showcasing its versatility and eco-conscious nature.


For automotive enthusiasts seeking the ultimate blend of luxury and performance, the Koenigsegg Gemera offers an unrivaled experience. With its limited production, technological advancements, and breathtaking design, the Gemera represents the epitome of automotive engineering. Contact us today for further information on securing an allocation of this extraordinary masterpiece. Embrace the future of grand touring with the Koenigsegg Gemera and elevate your driving experience to new heights.


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  • Year : 2024
  • Mileage : 0 km
  • Car type : Coupe
  • Condition : new
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