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Lamborghini Diablo SE30

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For sale: 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30


Interest about this Diablo SE30?



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Description of the car:


Unveiling the epitome of Lamborghini's supercar lineage, Chassis Number RLA12101, a European market gem originally delivered to Codeco S.A. Switzerland on March 30, 1995, priced at $1,000,000.


The Lamborghini Diablo, succeeding the iconic Miura and Countach, marked a transformative era for Lamborghini, commencing its production in 1990 and enduring through financial challenges and ownership shifts until 2001. Initiated under Project 132 in 1985 by Marcello Gandini, who had previously designed the Miura and Countach, the Diablo's inception encountered delays due to Chrysler's acquisition of Lamborghini in 1987.


Chrysler's influence during the design phase led to refinements by a Detroit-based team, toning down some of Gandini's bold design elements while retaining the Lamborghini essence. The result was a breathtaking car featuring signature scissor doors and aiming for 200MPH, aligning with competitors like Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ220, and the McLaren F1.


In celebration of Lamborghini's 30th Anniversary, the Diablo SE30 emerged as a limited production model, emphasizing a street-legal racer concept. This model underwent weight reduction, boosting power to 523 BHP, incorporating a tuned fuel system, free-flowing exhaust, and magnesium intake manifolds. Luxuries like air conditioning and stereo were sacrificed for weight-saving, and carbon fiber seats with four-point harnesses were installed.


Externally, the Diablo SE30 showcased distinctive features, including a revised frontal section, integrated straked brake cooling ducts, and a larger rear wing. Special magnesium alloy wheels, SE 30 badging, and the iconic metallic purple paint (customizable on request) marked these unique models.


This particular Lamborghini Diablo SE30 (#2101), a one-owner car, maintains its original Swiss delivery charm with unique options like the trunk lid and wing assembly. Adorned in Rosso Diablo over Sabbia, it stands as a testament to Lamborghini's legacy. The car comes complete with a special SE30 car cover, all books, tools, and keys. Recently serviced in April 2023, this masterpiece is presented by Curated, a curator of cars driven by passion and an appreciation for unique provenance, low production, low mileage, and exceptional vehicles.


“At Curated, we do not acquire cars simply for inventory but rather based on what the car is. We love interesting provenance, very low production, very low mileage, very special and often weird cars.” - John Temerian, Jr., Curated co-founder.







2100 NE 2ND AVE MIAMI FL 33137




  • Year : 1994
  • Mileage : 1224 miles
  • Gearbox : manual
  • Color : Rosso Diablo
  • Car type : Coupe
  • VIN : ZA9DE27AORLA12101
  • Condition : used
Marketed by
We Are Curated
  • 2100 NE 2nd Ave Miami Fl 33137

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